The Kingdom of Vassalheim

The Kingdom of Vassalheim, or Vasselheim for short, is the final true kingdom on the continent, with the monarchy passed down through the Carte line of humans, who claimed the title and the land, following the fall of the Mad Emperor 5 generations past. The kingdom is split amongst a number of smaller duchies and nobles, who produce a large amount of the food for the continent, lining the pockets of the rich through trade to the south. They are slowing pushing north into the Wildlands, and with a strong military presence in the country, protect their borders from the beasts beyond. With much of the educational establishments in the south, nobility frequently send their youths to Kruugmörte, Vanackhrom and Djenkania to increase their political power within Vassalheim. Vassalheim is however, home to a renowned military academy. The country is primarily populated by humans, especially in positions of power, however other races have been known to be taken in as serfs.

Capital of Vassalheim and home to the large Valoit Castle from which the town takes its name. The strongly fortified building of stone and wood bears testament to the warfare that occurred many centuries early, during the rise of the mad emperor. The castle still holds dominion over the land and houses the King and his Court. Sprawling lazily in the shadow of the castle itself it the city of Valoit itself, still feudal in nature, the citizens of Valoit gain greatly from their proximity to the king, with Nobles often vying for political positioning and monarchic favour. It is from his seat in Valoit that the King directly controls the surrounding Duchy of Ivalet.

The Duchy of Dilmonde
The Duchy of Dilmonde covers the northern border of Vassalheim, locked by the River Kris that separates Vassalheim from the Wildlands. Helmed by Dux Jacque Piques, The Duchy of Dilmonde is held primarily responsible for containment of the beasts of the wildlands from entering Vassalheim. Due to this, the Duchy of Dilmonde is often the most active militarised Duchy within Vassalheim.

The Duchy of Mondieu
Ruled by Ducis Reine Carreaux, The Duchy of Mondieu is the famed home of the Military Academy of Vassalheim, wherein students from all walks of life are weighed and measured for the qualities required for militarism. The Duchy of Mondieu bi-annually holds tournaments in league with the Academy, for the newest military requires to accrue honour and acclaim. It is claimed that the 4 Dux and the King himself with often attend such events with a view to expanding their own personal guard.

The Duchy of Sessignon
Regarded as a soft touch on his people, and adored for it, Dux Roi Trèfles has garnered a reputation across the Duchy of Sessignon as a kind and fair Dux. The Duchy itself is home to largest number of serfs and civilians, due in part to the large farming communities prevalent across the duchy and the renown of the Dux.

The Duchy of L'espoir
Controlling key trade routes through Vassalheim, The Duchy of L'espoir, and its ruler, Dux Joquer Coeurs, possesses one of the healthiest tax revenues in Vassalheim, if not the entirety of Khartheon. Blessed with the good fortunes, L'espoir has been able to afford expeditions to all corners of the world and is a frequent destination for adventurers looking for a new escapade. The City of Faux is acclaimed for its sweeping architecture and revolutionary sewage system.

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Vassalheim is home to the famous wagon shop, Sheila's Wags, situated in Valoit.

Sheila's Wags

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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