Vanachkrom (a.k.a Emerald city)

This country has a small bit of forest on the right, close to the border of the nearby country and there is a small amount of coast to the north of it. A thriving trading city is situated here. This is the main trading post and has the largest port/ harbour in the land. There are many busy roads here that intercept, to connect many lands together. The capital is a rich city, relying heavily on importing goods, but gets a large commission for traders, because of this, many of the people here are rich and live in luxury. There are some slums on the south of the city, for the poorest, who are heavily taxed. This country has the largest divide in wealth, although some of the richest live here a large proportion of the population is amongst the poorest in the land. This city is dominated by humans, but many other races travel and make their home here, in the hope they will ︲make it︲.A national landmark is the large white lighthouse in the capital, topped with green paint and emeralds that glitter in the light which can be seen for miles, it gives the city the nickname Emerald City.
There is a college in this land that specialises in magic, including alchemy and voodoo.

God elements: Gold, emeralds, trade, wealth, alchemy
Motto: Vishnapto Vostol Do Gristpiythst Ancient language which translates to 'Wealth is the only power'
Sigil: A green gem on a mountain of gold

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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