Tallis is a harsh inhospitable country, abandoned to the north of Khartheon. With unforgiving westerly winds blowing in of the Alaitic Ocean, stripping the country of vegetation, shelter and life. Only the hardiest few work and live here, building communities around the wind furnaces of the west coastline, using the Alaitics strong winds to create glass unlike anywhere else found on Khartheon. The Pyre, a yawning abyss of burning desert stretches out across most of Tallis, making transportation lethal to the unprepared.

A series of bright multicoloured tents mark the supposed outskirts of Vitrifee, the capital of Tallis, with the city itself being an amalgamation of tents and canopies juxtaposed against solitary static buildings of vibrant stone and tinted glass. Vitrifee prides itself as the centre of Tallis, with all trade of Tallis eventually finding its way through Vitrifee. Home to some of the finest arts and relics of the past millennium, since the formation of Khartheon, the Grand Museum Parliament is both an exhibition of the countries artistic licence and the meeting ground of the Elders of the 7 Cities to create new laws and guide the country to a prosperous new age.

The Gateway to Tallis and a former fort under the Mad Emperor, Sylica still possesses much of the military holdings from that bygone era, with the imposing fort itself still looming over the countryside nearby. The citizens of Sylica still hold their role for the country with pride and protect the border of Tallis from vagabonds. Some members of the Sylican population have embraced the nearby shrine of Moradin and have taken it upon themselves to take the Tenets and imbue them across the nation.

Lapis, Quoise, Sardonyx & Cuprite
The Four Gems of Tallis, as they are known, Lapis, Quoise, Sardonyx & Cuprite are renowned for their use of the wind furnace, combined with various trace elements for the creation of coloured glass. Frequently at odds with each other, a friendly rivalry has built up between the four cities. The most notable feature of the cities is that they have been built down into the earth, away from the suns potent heat, with glass piping allowing the wind to funnel through their subterranean dwellings for a more manageable temperature.

Whilst one of the smaller cities in Tallis, Pyrit is the home to the main harbour of Tallis, frequently importing food and luxuries to be dispersed throughout the rest of Tallis. Pyrit is often the home for wandering souls who find life in Tallis too stifling, but not the coin to hire a boat away.

The Pyre
Accounting for the majority of Tallis' land mass, The Pyre is the name given to the fiery desert across the country. With sweltering heat and minimal shade, the Pyre is known to be ruthless to those that look to cross it. Whilst blistering and barren, there are people of Tallis that have managed to survive there, most notably the Yuan-Ti who have been seen passing across the sterile landscape.

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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