Shaelyre Isles

Shaelyre isles

shaelyre isles
This country is an island situated off the east coast of the rest of the mainland continent. The terrain of this island is quite rocky; the southern and west parts of the island are high above sea level with sheer cliff faces making up most of the coastline. There is the occasional mine, but the earth is not particularly rich in minerals, so most of them are abandoned by now.The north and east parts of the land are more forgiving. They consist of fertile grasslands and wooded areas and the climate is mild; this is where most folk make their home.
In the past the island has been victim of many a pirate attack, so walls and coastal fortresses were erected in many locations to protect the citizens. It seems after several years of war and conflict amongst the citizens of Shaelyre and the pirates, they lost interest and rumour is they travelled to the north east of the continent to continue their looting and plundering, further plunging the wildlands into despair.
Although it has been many years since pirates were last seen in these waters. the coastal fortresses remain and are regularly
maintained to protect the land from attacks should war break out. The island has a total of 12 lighthouses along its borders, the cost of these was subsidised by some of the other countries in the continent, to protect their vessels when passing by. Around this island are many small islands, which some people live on, others were abandoned when the pirates attacked, and the residents have not returned. There are many ship ruins littered across the ocean floor that had crashed into the sharp rocks and sank. Many stories are told of the pirate adventures and the treasure that remains in the salty water, but few are brave enough to investigate.
The land is not particularly rich, but they export pearls and lumber, in exchange for steel. There is a college in this land that specialises in voodoo and nature magic, called Valenshore.

God elements: Defence, Salt, Light, history, nature magic
Motto: Feel your way through the wind
Sigil: compass with a lighthouse and a light beam shining out

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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