Mittelland is a peculiar country, known for its near-schizophrenic nature. Between the oligarchic capital of Osthafer, the religious piety of the Divine Monastery, and the peaceful nomadic tribes that venture across the land, a quiet equilibrium has been reached. Rocky outcroppings to the north, giving way to savannah-like plains before the lush grasslands cushion the southern border with Vassalheim. The verdant landscape belays the countries dichotic nature, with fractured divisions of wealth, beliefs, class and opportunities bubbling beneath the placid surface.

Very few cities in Khartheon can compare to the ostentatiousness of Osthafer. The city is a pairing of the large city and nearby harbour. Often commented as a luxury getaway for the peoples of Vanackhrom, the city is home to a shrine to Tymora, Goddess of Luck, with gambling frequent in the cities luxury betting halls. Glassware from Tallis allows views from the homes out towards the sea, with Gems from Kruugmörte and Pearls from the Shaelyre Isles encrusted into the architecture. Juxtaposed to this opulence is a seedy underworld, with people entering Osthafer losing coin, through card or by knife. Here, the wealthiest thrive, able to buy positions of power on the ruling Merchant Council that leads Osthafer in all matters political.

The Divine Monastery
Nowhere in the world is a place more holy, with more beliefs accepted without recourse and more open to the will of the Divines, than the monks, priests and paladins of the Divine Monastery. Initially built during the reign of the Mad Emperor, the Divine Monastery stands as a beacon of religion and mysticism across Khartheon. Here, followers of any of the 24 divines can study and worship, with the training of religious warriors, scholars and theologians actively encouraged as part of the Monastery's purpose.
The Nomadic Tribes of Yanuk
Nomadic peoples wander the country of Mittelland, outside of the madness and rules of Osthafer. With Horses and Oxen; their Yurts never in the same place week to week, these people care for the forgotten shrines of Mittelland and protect the country from creatures in the wildlands to the west. It is not uncommon for the Nomadic Tribes of Yanuk to take wandering travellers or religious trainees under their wing as they traverse the expanse of Mittelland, showing them the life of the wanderer. These tribes also provide trade to the more forgotten towns of Mittelland and act as a vital conduit to the wellbeing of the country.

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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