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The land of Khartheon is old and vast, rich in history and culture. Many tales are told of the great kings and warlords who ruled and fought for honour.
Some stories are woven in the melodic rhymes and songs originating from the bard college in Djenkania, the tunes echoeing throughout the land
from forest, hill, to desert reaching every corner.
Others are spoken in hushed whispers in taverns or around campfires, striking fear into the hearts of the patrons.
Some stories are held in the hearts of many, as they were spoken to them as children in their beds.
Stories of creatures, gods and war.
Yet even now, there remains corners of the land that are shrouded in mystery, what is known of these lands were devived only from their imagination,
as none hath the heart to delve there.

Here is a collection of some of the legends, lore and myths of the land, which is myth or truth, we will let you be the judge.

Beneath the ashes of the old world
Renewed, a continent rebirthed
Salvation came to the divine
A brave new land unearthed

Through the vengeance of a tyrant
Grotesque in shape and form
By horns and teeth and claws and scales
The ancient world was torn

Monstrous though the Tyrant was
Known to trade gifts with the divine
United they held to defy its hate
Their goal for once aligned

Eyes of the Divines with baleful light
Made fate with eyes of acuity
Sealed within his holy prison
Would wait in perpetuity

Even with the Tyrant enchained
Revival of the land was slow
Growth was withered and decayed
Man made again in gods shadow

As the light kept beast at bay
Sealed, it waits for retribution
Someday the light will flicker and fade
To ravage the world in destitution

The Birth of Khartheon − Author Unknown

Pirate - Jucinthia the Reviled
Jucinthia had the largest fleet in history, over 40 vessels twas told. There was an almightly battle, it was said the great deity Talos, lord of the sea and storms cursed the pirate fiend. He sent a plague that sank her entire fleet and damned them to purgatory.
Countless ships lay wrecked at the bottom of the sea in the isles of shaelyre. It is beleived the pirates would loot gold and treasure from nearby towns, ports and military vessels and bury their hoards in the various small islands that make up Shaelyre. Many maps still exist revealing the location of these treasures, for a hefty fee.
However, with the purchase of such a map comes a dire warning, that it be perilous for thee for any who sail to the 'dreaded isles' is sure to meet their demise.
According to old tales, the cure of Talos remains and any who ventures with greed in their hearts in search for the lost treasure, is branded a pirate and will suffer Talos' holy justice.

− Extract from the History of Khartheon, author unknown.

A tog is a small creature (about 2 feet tall) that walks on two legs, have grey wrinkly skin and yellow eyes, and very long claws. They prefer a warm climate, and so many of them live in the south of Khartheon. They are not very intelligent and not very good at hunting their own food so they tend to steal whatever food they can find and usually return to the same place to excrete it out. Farmers in Djenkania encourage them with rotten fruit because they are good for fertilising the fields; however, the downside is they like to steal babies. They make nests in shaded bushy areas using whatever they can find, such as twigs, grass and rags. They are not very good at climbing, swimming or running.

Conquěte le Roi

The king and his guards
Took the people at arms
The crowds in their chains
Deceived by his charms

A king he did see
Fated to reign
Granted to he
Much to the shame

Let's show no mercy
For justice
It took an age
An age of blood
The story was told on this day
For the folk of Vassal will endure

Oh the folk of the vassal
Are hardy and brave
They won't take our freedom
We're no ones slave

Let's show no mercy
For justice
It took an age
An age of blood
The story was told on this day
For the folk of Vassal will endure

Bard's college, Djenkania

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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