This country is made up in large part by a huge expanse of mountains along the western coast and plains along the east. It is a hot and barren land, with terrain that is rocky and unsuitable for growing crops, or anything really. The country of Krugmorte is made up of 4 large cities, the capital: Wrotai, and Chowvrockk, Rzeszgard and Bognarite. Few folk make their home there, but the ones that do are hardy folk such as orcs and dwarves.
Much of their work involves mining the ore and stone from the mountains and quarrys. The land has a reputation for training the most esteemed blacksmiths at their college that specialises not only in blacksmithery, but also crafting, woodworking, stone masonry and leather craft, however they take on very few students, and the curriculum is considered to be the most challenging in all the land.
Mount Charduthnijkro (Card - uth - ri - nik - roth - *phlegm) roughly translates to heart of the world
Settled within miles of mountains and hills, a volcano rises up high above the horizon, casting a dark shadow over most of Krugmorte. This active volcano regularly burps plumes of black smoke and ash that sprinkle across the land. It is not unusual to spy the residents donning leather gasmasks to filter the air they breathe, after all, tis known of an affliction that affects many a Krugmorte miner - the deathly ︲black lung︲.
The dwarves, orcs and aarakocra who live here have adapted to life in the mountains, using the heat and lava from the volcano to serve its purpose as the worlds largest natural furnace. Here they forge the most impressive weapons and armour in all the lands. They mine their own ore and gems, and as a consequence are a very rich nation, however the land is not fertile enough to grow their own food, so they trade their wares for food from many nation, in particular Djenkania that have a considerable surplus of food. The elevated position, and naturally rough terrain boasts the catalyst for the defensive fortress, the impregnable walls of which have never been breached; despite many attempts. The skeletons of those who tried still litter the mountain pass, looted of their treasure and skulls, which as it turns out, make effective drinking goblets.
There are rumours of unearthly beasts that dwell in the mountains and guard the treasures within, eating any who try to steal but a single coin. Others believe that mount Charduthnikro is the opening to hell, and all who sin are fated to burn within for eternity.
There is an astronomy tower located in the second largest mountain, where the guild of the stargazers study the night sky and make prophecies. They are a superstitious people and usually worship the deities associated with the night sky, shar, sune, selune They recruit people from all races and walks of life. There is one harbour to the south, but there are few ships that sail this way.

God elements: Ore, metal, blacksmith, mountains, darkness, blood, strength
Motto: Blood and steel
Sigil: A crown on fire with a drop of molten steel mixed with blood.

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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