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Khartheon is a continent made up of eight countries, home to many different people of a diverse range of races and backgrounds. This website is a collection of maps, stories, lore and adventures. From the mountains of Krugmorte to the cliffs of the Shaelyre Isles, the great sand dunes of Tallis, and the bard college in Djenkania. Here you will follow the adventures of our brave companions as they fulfil their destiny. Abiding by the 5th edition of dungeons and dragons there will be adventures a plenty and mischief galore! And so let your adventure begin . . .


New stuff

17th Dec 2019 - There is a new addition to the Story page - Story 2 on the 22nd December, chapter three Deadly Threat by Air Mail and chapter four The Holy Ascent.

I've added some blurb about your characters and some of the NPC's you have met. Click here to be redirected to the characters page.

I've updated the story page to contain the chapters within collapsable panes. Use the navigation bar to access this or click here

I've seperated out the country pages so they have a page each, please use the drop down option on the navigation bar to access these. I'm still tweaking them a little bit, as i'm not 100% happy yet.

You can still access all the countries on one page by clicking here

Coming soon
More content will be added to the Lore and Legends page.
More content to be added to the Vanachkrom and Shaelyre Isles on the countries page.
The next installment of the story will be added soon.

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