Djenkania (a.k.a Djenkian forest)

This is a warm land, where many races live, mainly halflings, elves and humans. In this country, everyone has equal rights and opportunities. It is considered a free land, there is a low unemployment rate, and they encourage education for all. The terrain is fertile, there are many farms here, and fishing boats set up around the coastline.
Djenkania is split into 4 territories, the leaders of which are allied and there is free movement between them.

Djenkian and Sentian Forests
The country of Djenkania is made up in large part by a forest across the northern section, that is divided into two parts, the Sentian forest, situated on the west side and the Djenkian forest on the east of the river. Despite its name, the Sentian forest is dark and dangerous, many a traveller dread the journey through the thick foliage and black roots that seems to come alive at night, many believe the forest has a mind of its own, and doesn't take too kindly to trespassers. There is a prestigious hunting school deep in the Sentian forest, south of Silvaroot, specialising in archery, but also teaching the arts of throwing knives, setting traps, camouflage and survival.
The more accommodating Djenkian forest is where many of the wood elves, halflings and gnomes make their home. The royal King Kluthvir Orlyervs is kind and welcoming to all who visit his capital Jadenfire, which is situated on the river Talsa and the coast. The other large city is Silvaroot, also situated on the coast and along the main road, which connects both cities and finishes at the capital.

Mountains of Ron
There are some mountains on the south west of the city along the border to Krugmorte, this is not very habitable, but some orcs make their home there. The city Great Ron is tucked away into the mountains, over the years has proved to be an impregnable fortress. Just down the road from Great Ron is little Ron. There are several small mines in this region, where stone, marble and copper are all harvested. Many of these mines have been depleted and the mines are abandoned, however the underground tunnels remain.

The south is made up mostly of fields upon fields of farms where they grow a variety of crops and far more food the nation requires. They export their surplus food and import luxuries like chocolate and wine. Many folk that live here have a good work ethic and believe that hard work reaps rewards. It is mostly halflings that reside here and work the fields. There are many halfling villages spread across the south of Djenkania, however most reside close to the city Eversmoore, where there is a large port for exporting their wares.
There is a bard college in this land, located between Eversmoore and Beaglehorne, where people travel from across the continent to learn all manner of musical skills, melody and flamboyance.

Juntiann (pronounced yun chin) is a small island situated to the south of the Djenkanian mainland. There are many monks here who live a simple life in peace and tranquillity. They grow many herbs and spices, such as wristleroot, Zephyr Bloom and gripweed, which can be used to brew magical and healing tonics. They also dedicate their lives to protecting rare species of animals and plants. They have a mine where they mine for some minerals, fashioning special bowls and apparatus, using crystals for healing. They worship all the dieties in the land and there is a shrine to all of them located on the island in the hall of Divinity. All manner of exotic breeds live here, including Tabaxi and Anacockra, who predominately worship Tiamat, Bahamut and the Raven Queen. They are a very laid back people, who care for equality, respect and generally like to chill.

God elements: Forest, hunting, prosperity, harvest, fish, bard
Motto: Every great Oak was once an acorn
Sigil: A maple leaf with half a gold border and a needle that looks to be sewing the gold border around the edge.

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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