Here is a page dedicated to all the countries that make up Khartheon. There are eight:
Shaelyre Isles
The Wildlands



Tallis is a harsh inhospitable country, abandoned to the north of Khartheon. With unforgiving westerly winds blowing in of the Alaitic Ocean, stripping the country of vegetation, shelter and life. Only the hardiest few work and live here, building communities around the wind furnaces of the west coastline, using the Alaitics strong winds to create glass unlike anywhere else found on Khartheon. The Pyre, a yawning abyss of burning desert stretches out across most of Tallis, making transportation lethal to the unprepared.

A series of bright multicoloured tents mark the supposed outskirts of Vitrifee, the capital of Tallis, with the city itself being an amalgamation of tents and canopies juxtaposed against solitary static buildings of vibrant stone and tinted glass. Vitrifee prides itself as the centre of Tallis, with all trade of Tallis eventually finding its way through Vitrifee. Home to some of the finest arts and relics of the past millennium, since the formation of Khartheon, the Grand Museum Parliament is both an exhibition of the countries artistic licence and the meeting ground of the Elders of the 7 Cities to create new laws and guide the country to a prosperous new age.

The Gateway to Tallis and a former fort under the Mad Emperor, Sylica still possesses much of the military holdings from that bygone era, with the imposing fort itself still looming over the countryside nearby. The citizens of Sylica still hold their role for the country with pride and protect the border of Tallis from vagabonds. Some members of the Sylican population have embraced the nearby shrine of Moradin and have taken it upon themselves to take the Tenets and imbue them across the nation.

Lapis, Quoise, Sardonyx & Cuprite
The Four Gems of Tallis, as they are known, Lapis, Quoise, Sardonyx & Cuprite are renowned for their use of the wind furnace, combined with various trace elements for the creation of coloured glass. Frequently at odds with each other, a friendly rivalry has built up between the four cities. The most notable feature of the cities is that they have been built down into the earth, away from the suns potent heat, with glass piping allowing the wind to funnel through their subterranean dwellings for a more manageable temperature.

Whilst one of the smaller cities in Tallis, Pyrit is the home to the main harbour of Tallis, frequently importing food and luxuries to be dispersed throughout the rest of Tallis. Pyrit is often the home for wandering souls who find life in Tallis too stifling, but not the coin to hire a boat away.

The Pyre
Accounting for the majority of Tallis' land mass, The Pyre is the name given to the fiery desert across the country. With sweltering heat and minimal shade, the Pyre is known to be ruthless to those that look to cross it. Whilst blistering and barren, there are people of Tallis that have managed to survive there, most notably the Yuan-Ti who have been seen passing across the sterile landscape.

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Mittelland is a peculiar country, known for its near-schizophrenic nature. Between the oligarchic capital of Osthafer, the religious piety of the Divine Monastery, and the peaceful nomadic tribes that venture across the land, a quiet equilibrium has been reached. Rocky outcroppings to the north, giving way to savannah-like plains before the lush grasslands cushion the southern border with Vassalheim. The verdant landscape belays the countries dichotic nature, with fractured divisions of wealth, beliefs, class and opportunities bubbling beneath the placid surface.

Very few cities in Khartheon can compare to the ostentatiousness of Osthafer. The city is a pairing of the large city and nearby harbour. Often commented as a luxury getaway for the peoples of Vanackhrom, the city is home to a shrine to Tymora, Goddess of Luck, with gambling frequent in the cities luxury betting halls. Glassware from Tallis allows views from the homes out towards the sea, with Gems from Kruugmörte and Pearls from the Shaelyre Isles encrusted into the architecture. Juxtaposed to this opulence is a seedy underworld, with people entering Osthafer losing coin, through card or by knife. Here, the wealthiest thrive, able to buy positions of power on the ruling Merchant Council that leads Osthafer in all matters political.

The Divine Monastery
Nowhere in the world is a place more holy, with more beliefs accepted without recourse and more open to the will of the Divines, than the monks, priests and paladins of the Divine Monastery. Initially built during the reign of the Mad Emperor, the Divine Monastery stands as a beacon of religion and mysticism across Khartheon. Here, followers of any of the 24 divines can study and worship, with the training of religious warriors, scholars and theologians actively encouraged as part of the Monastery's purpose.

The Nomadic Tribes of Yanuk
Nomadic peoples wander the country of Mittelland, outside of the madness and rules of Osthafer. With Horses and Oxen; their Yurts never in the same place week to week, these people care for the forgotten shrines of Mittelland and protect the country from creatures in the wildlands to the west. It is not uncommon for the Nomadic Tribes of Yanuk to take wandering travellers or religious trainees under their wing as they traverse the expanse of Mittelland, showing them the life of the wanderer. These tribes also provide trade to the more forgotten towns of Mittelland and act as a vital conduit to the wellbeing of the country.

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The Kingdom of Vassalheim


The Kingdom of Vassalheim, or Vasselheim for short, is the final true kingdom on the continent, with the monarchy passed down through the Carte line of humans, who claimed the title and the land, following the fall of the Mad Emperor 5 generations past. The kingdom is split amongst a number of smaller duchies and nobles, who produce a large amount of the food for the continent, lining the pockets of the rich through trade to the south. They are slowing pushing north into the Wildlands, and with a strong military presence in the country, protect their borders from the beasts beyond. With much of the educational establishments in the south, nobility frequently send their youths to Kruugmörte, Vanackhrom and Djenkania to increase their political power within Vassalheim. Vassalheim is however, home to a renowned military academy. The country is primarily populated by humans, especially in positions of power, however other races have been known to be taken in as serfs.

Capital of Vassalheim and home to the large Valoit Castle from which the town takes its name. The strongly fortified building of stone and wood bears testament to the warfare that occurred many centuries early, during the rise of the mad emperor. The castle still holds dominion over the land and houses the King and his Court. Sprawling lazily in the shadow of the castle itself it the city of Valoit itself, still feudal in nature, the citizens of Valoit gain greatly from their proximity to the king, with Nobles often vying for political positioning and monarchic favour. It is from his seat in Valoit that the King directly controls the surrounding Duchy of Ivalet.

The Duchy of Dilmonde
The Duchy of Dilmonde covers the northern border of Vassalheim, locked by the River Kris that separates Vassalheim from the Wildlands. Helmed by Dux Jacque Piques, The Duchy of Dilmonde is held primarily responsible for containment of the beasts of the wildlands from entering Vassalheim. Due to this, the Duchy of Dilmonde is often the most active militarised Duchy within Vassalheim.

The Duchy of Mondieu
Ruled by Ducis Reine Carreaux, The Duchy of Mondieu is the famed home of the Military Academy of Vassalheim, wherein students from all walks of life are weighed and measured for the qualities required for militarism. The Duchy of Mondieu bi-annually holds tournaments in league with the Academy, for the newest military requires to accrue honour and acclaim. It is claimed that the 4 Dux and the King himself with often attend such events with a view to expanding their own personal guard.

The Duchy of Sessignon
Regarded as a soft touch on his people, and adored for it, Dux Roi Trèfles has garnered a reputation across the Duchy of Sessignon as a kind and fair Dux. The Duchy itself is home to largest number of serfs and civilians, due in part to the large farming communities prevalent across the duchy and the renown of the Dux.

The Duchy of L'espoir
Controlling key trade routes through Vassalheim, The Duchy of L'espoir, and its ruler, Dux Joquer Coeurs, possesses one of the healthiest tax revenues in Vassalheim, if not the entirety of Khartheon. Blessed with the good fortunes, L'espoir has been able to afford expeditions to all corners of the world and is a frequent destination for adventurers looking for a new escapade. The City of Faux is acclaimed for its sweeping architecture and revolutionary sewage system.

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This country is made up in large part by a huge expanse of mountains along the western coast and plains along the east. It is a hot and barren land, with terrain that is rocky and unsuitable for growing crops, or anything really. The country of Krugmorte is made up of 4 large cities, the capital: Wrotai, and Chowvrockk, Rzeszgard and Bognarite. Few folk make their home there, but the ones that do are hardy folk such as orcs and dwarves.
Much of their work involves mining the ore and stone from the mountains and quarrys. The land has a reputation for training the most esteemed blacksmiths at their college that specialises not only in blacksmithery, but also crafting, woodworking, stone masonry and leather craft, however they take on very few students, and the curriculum is considered to be the most challenging in all the land.
Mount Charduthnijkro (Card - uth - ri - nik - roth - *phlegm) roughly translates to heart of the world
Settled within miles of mountains and hills, a volcano rises up high above the horizon, casting a dark shadow over most of Krugmorte. This active volcano regularly burps plumes of black smoke and ash that sprinkle across the land. It is not unusual to spy the residents donning leather gasmasks to filter the air they breathe, after all, tis known of an affliction that affects many a Krugmorte miner - the deathly ︲black lung︲.
The dwarves, orcs and aarakocra who live here have adapted to life in the mountains, using the heat and lava from the volcano to serve its purpose as the worlds largest natural furnace. Here they forge the most impressive weapons and armour in all the lands. They mine their own ore and gems, and as a consequence are a very rich nation, however the land is not fertile enough to grow their own food, so they trade their wares for food from many nation, in particular Djenkania that have a considerable surplus of food. The elevated position, and naturally rough terrain boasts the catalyst for the defensive fortress, the impregnable walls of which have never been breached; despite many attempts. The skeletons of those who tried still litter the mountain pass, looted of their treasure and skulls, which as it turns out, make effective drinking goblets.
There are rumours of unearthly beasts that dwell in the mountains and guard the treasures within, eating any who try to steal but a single coin. Others believe that mount Charduthnikro is the opening to hell, and all who sin are fated to burn within for eternity.
There is an astronomy tower located in the second largest mountain, where the guild of the stargazers study the night sky and make prophecies. They are a superstitious people and usually worship the deities associated with the night sky, shar, sune, selune They recruit people from all races and walks of life. There is one harbour to the south, but there are few ships that sail this way.

God elements: Ore, metal, blacksmith, mountains, darkness, blood, strength
Motto: Blood and steel
Sigil: A crown on fire with a drop of molten steel mixed with blood.

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Vanachkrom (a.k.a Emerald city)


This country has a small bit of forest on the right, close to the border of the nearby country and there is a small amount of coast to the north of it. A thriving trading city is situated here. This is the main trading post and has the largest port/ harbour in the land. There are many busy roads here that intercept, to connect many lands together. The capital is a rich city, relying heavily on importing goods, but gets a large commission for traders, because of this, many of the people here are rich and live in luxury. There are some slums on the south of the city, for the poorest, who are heavily taxed. This country has the largest divide in wealth, although some of the richest live here a large proportion of the population is amongst the poorest in the land. This city is dominated by humans, but many other races travel and make their home here, in the hope they will ︲make it︲.A national landmark is the large white lighthouse in the capital, topped with green paint and emeralds that glitter in the light which can be seen for miles, it gives the city the nickname Emerald City.
There is a college in this land that specialises in magic, including alchemy and voodoo.

God elements: Gold, emeralds, trade, wealth, alchemy
Motto: Vishnapto Vostol Do Gristpiythst Ancient language which translates to 'Wealth is the only power'
Sigil: A green gem on a mountain of gold

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Djenkania (a.k.a Djenkian forest)


This is a warm land, where many races live, mainly halflings, elves and humans. In this country, everyone has equal rights and opportunities. It is considered a free land, there is a low unemployment rate, and they encourage education for all. The terrain is fertile, there are many farms here, and fishing boats set up around the coastline.
Djenkania is split into 4 territories, the leaders of which are allied and there is free movement between them.

Djenkian and Sentian Forests
The country of Djenkania is made up in large part by a forest across the northern section, that is divided into two parts, the Sentian forest, situated on the west side and the Djenkian forest on the east of the river. Despite its name, the Sentian forest is dark and dangerous, many a traveller dread the journey through the thick foliage and black roots that seems to come alive at night, many believe the forest has a mind of its own, and doesn't take too kindly to trespassers. There is a prestigious hunting school deep in the Sentian forest, south of Silvaroot, specialising in archery, but also teaching the arts of throwing knives, setting traps, camouflage and survival.
The more accommodating Djenkian forest is where many of the wood elves, halflings and gnomes make their home. The royal King Kluthvir Orlyervs is kind and welcoming to all who visit his capital Jadenfire, which is situated on the river Talsa and the coast. The other large city is Silvaroot, also situated on the coast and along the main road, which connects both cities and finishes at the capital.

Mountains of Ron
There are some mountains on the south west of the city along the border to Krugmorte, this is not very habitable, but some orcs make their home there. The city Great Ron is tucked away into the mountains, over the years has proved to be an impregnable fortress. Just down the road from Great Ron is little Ron. There are several small mines in this region, where stone, marble and copper are all harvested. Many of these mines have been depleted and the mines are abandoned, however the underground tunnels remain.

The south is made up mostly of fields upon fields of farms where they grow a variety of crops and far more food the nation requires. They export their surplus food and import luxuries like chocolate and wine. Many folk that live here have a good work ethic and believe that hard work reaps rewards. It is mostly halflings that reside here and work the fields. There are many halfling villages spread across the south of Djenkania, however most reside close to the city Eversmoore, where there is a large port for exporting their wares.
There is a bard college in this land, located between Eversmoore and Beaglehorne, where people travel from across the continent to learn all manner of musical skills, melody and flamboyance.

God elements: Forest, hunting, prosperity, harvest, fish, bard
Motto: Every great Oak was once an acorn
Sigil: A maple leaf with half a gold border and a needle that looks to be sewing the gold border around the edge.

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Shaelyre isles

shaelyre isles

This country is an island situated off the east coast of the rest of the mainland continent. The terrain of this island is quite rocky; the southern and west parts of the island are high above sea level with sheer cliff faces making up most of the coastline. There is the occasional mine, but the earth is not particularly rich in minerals, so most of them are abandoned by now.The north and east parts of the land are more forgiving. They consist of fertile grasslands and wooded areas and the climate is mild; this is where most folk make their home.
In the past the island has been victim of many a pirate attack, so walls and coastal fortresses were erected in many locations to protect the citizens. It seems after several years of war and conflict amongst the citizens of Shaelyre and the pirates, they lost interest and rumour is they travelled to the north east of the continent to continue their looting and plundering, further plunging the wildlands into despair.
Although it has been many years since pirates were last seen in these waters. the coastal fortresses remain and are regularly
maintained to protect the land from attacks should war break out. The island has a total of 12 lighthouses along its borders, the cost of these was subsidised by some of the other countries in the continent, to protect their vessels when passing by. Around this island are many small islands, which some people live on, others were abandoned when the pirates attacked, and the residents have not returned. There are many ship ruins littered across the ocean floor that had crashed into the sharp rocks and sank. Many stories are told of the pirate adventures and the treasure that remains in the salty water, but few are brave enough to investigate.
The land is not particularly rich, but they export pearls and lumber, in exchange for steel. There is a college in this land that specialises in nature magic and history.

God elements: Defence, Salt, Light, history, nature magic
Motto: Feel your way through the wind
Sigil: compass with a lighthouse and a light beam shining out

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The Wildlands


The former seat of power of the Mad Emperor, beast and fiends have taken over these lands, cursed with the fall of the king.
Very few have mapped its routes, but a black spire stands in the lands, a final testament to the Mad Emperors lunacy.

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Written by Sam Beadle and Mat Smith
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